Many municipalities today struggle to maintain roads as fast as they need them and the Greater Houston area is no exception.  While automobile suspensions designed to take a lot of abuse, after thousands of miles, suspension components will need to be repaired or replaced. The more punishment you put your vehicle through, the faster these repairs will be needed.

Struts & Shocks Problem Warning Signs:

  • Tires Wear Unevenly or Cup
  • Shaking, Swaying, Rocking or Vibration on Rough Roads
  • Suspension Bottoms Out over Bumps or Steep Inclines
  • Uncomfortably Bumpy Ride
  • Car Nose Dives on Hard Braking
  • Fluid Leaks from Struts or Shocks
  • Mileage Threshold

Whether you’re noticing problems or nearing the mileage checkpoint, maintaining shocks and struts can prevent long-term damage to your car. Galson Auto & Body has the latest technology and experienced staff to handle all your suspension issues.

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